exporting from mac for pc

Hey guys,
I’m wondering what the best way to export a movie from tbs v3 on mac to be played on pc. When I export a .swf the pc will only open the mac .swf in explorer. I want it to play in Flash player seperate from the browser. To do this from Flash mx I export a windows.exe file and it works great on pc’s. Is there an something similar I can do from toonboom. Let me know.

If windows is told to open .swf files with explorer then that is what it will do unless you right click on a .swf file and select ‘open with’ and pick out flash player and also tick the box which states ‘always open with this program’.

I don’t think you can export to .exe (or to a projector file for Mac’s for that matter) directly from TB. You could bring your .swf into flash to export as a .exe if required.