exporting for tv

I’ve made a 30sec tv ad. for my first project.

Now I want to send it to the tv station via e mail to let them have a look at it, but the file is too big, as I have it set at 1920X 1080, 30fps. If I reset it to make it smaller, I’ll loose my lip sync.

Is dvd the only way to send this out?


Hi marples,

There are a number of ways you can send this project to the television station, including physical media or another form of file transfer, such as FTP. In the case of a file transfer, I would not suggest sending anything greater than 500 MB in size, especially if you’re on a dial-up connection and time is an issue. You should perhaps compress the movie file in a .zip or .rar format, for which there are many software solutions available.

In the end, a physical disc may be the safest and quickest way to send your ad over to the station (be sure to indicate that playback should be done from a hard drive and not directly from the disc). Contact their public relations department to confirm how they’d be willing to receive your ad. Hope this helps.

Thankjs for replying so quickly Jonah, I compressed the file, and at 6mb I was able to send it out to have it critiqued by others, sending it by mail to the tv station is probably my safest option.

Thanks a bunch.