Exporting for Premier Pro CS4 and TV/DVDs in Australia


I am an Australian teacher/film maker. I am working on a TV pilot for Australian television.

My show has live action and animated scenes. I am going to be editing the show together in Premiere Pro CS4. I have created my animated scenes, and now wish to export them in to Premiere Pro to begin editing. I want the best possible quality files for digital television and DVD. I am using a wide screen format.

Q1. What is the best file format for me to export to (including frame size… I am currently using 1280 by 720)?

Q2. In export settings/options, what are the best motion settings (e.g. frame rate, key frames), Compressor settings (e.g. depth, quality) and data rate settings for me to use?

Q3. Are there any other settings I should tweak for best results?

Thank you for your time,