Exporting file not Flash? HELP!


I have Toonboom studio Express, and I’ve always made animations and exported them flash in a jiffy, and I would always do “Quick SWF Playback” and it would playback, I’d export and put it on Newgrounds (A flash hosting site)

The picture next to the file while browsing would be an “F” for flash, but not it’s a default Windows picture (the picture of a box and a window, usually it means Windows can not find this file"

I can’t upload it, it’s .SWF, which is weird.

Do I get flashplayer? I tryed downloading the TBS exporting software but I think it only works for TBS, not express.

Somebody please help me.


So basically you are saying that the swf file you have exported is not recognized by windows?

If that is the case can you actually import it inside Toon Boom Studio?

From windows if you have not yet done it you will need to download the Flash Player for it is not packaged with the software. Once installed if it is still not associated to the player try to actually open it with the Flash Player to see if it is possible for you to see if it is the file that is being corrupted of if it is only an association problem. For the association when you go in the Open with window you can simply check the ‘‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’’ option to make it default to Flash Player.

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