Exporting failures


I’m working on a new animation project. I’m trying to export it but it only gets about 29% through and it stops and says “Export failed. It may be in use by another program.”

It’s a project called Doodle, so I’ve scanned in a bunch of notebook doodles and I am having them move on a path in a spiral on the screen. There are 54 .psd doodles, each with their own peg (which I duplicated to copy the motion). I’m not sure if I’m overloading the program, or if one of the pictures is messed up. (One of the pictures was showing up as just a black rectangle, but I deleted it).

I’m running Toon Boom Studio 4.5 on a brand new Sony Vaio with 4GB ram and a dual core processor. So, I’m pretty confident in the power of the machine, but I’m not sure if I’m overloading what the program is capable of, or if it’s something else…


Well, not so sure, how much RAM Studio’s built in “Graphics-Animation-Render-Engine”
really needs… (4 GB should be plenty…?)

Are you using the newest version of QuickTime…?
What settings and codec are you using…?
Are you running any other Applications during render…?
Did this happen with any other similar export before…?

Try exporting that animation in different parts (choose different frame-ranges)…
(this might find the area where a corrupted file is hiding…?)

Open Studio’s Preferences / Display / and increase System Memory Usage…