exporting effects in a swf file

i cant seem to find anything in the forums, so i’ll just ask real quick…when i go to export some blurs and transparencies in a swf…it doesnt work…i dont have any of the effects check off in the export menu…it works fine with quicktime, but my files get WAY to big for what i need…am i missing something or is it not possible with animate to do this?

thanks for any help!!!


As you discovered, not all of the effects in Animate are supported by the swf format, unfortunately. For further information you might want to check out the Toon Boom video tutorials in chapters 21 & 22, which deal with effects and exporting.

Less and less new effects are being supported. This is because of limitations in the swf format.

For those who want web file formats hopefully html5 will hold some hope in the future but we are a long way off now.

i was afraid of that…thanks for the info!!!..i’ll figure something out…