Exporting Drawing View instead of Camera

Is it possible to export the drawing view instead of the camera view. I’m using some traditional techniques with toon boom, and I did some quick sketches of where things should be with the camera moves, and I’d prefer replacing them in the drawing view than camera view.


You can’t export the drawing view but it’s a simple thing to hook a cable from the element to the final composite module that has the write module attached to export just the element.

Depending on if you need a white background (add a color card to the final composite module) or if you need transparency (export to a 4-channel bitmap format or “Million of Colors+” for movie), you can get exactly what’s required for a variety of situations.

If you’re using Harmony, then you can also attach more than one write node. You could have one Write node attached to each drawing module, and export them to different locations if you like.