Exporting Current Image for All Panels?

I’m having trouble exporting panels across images and pdfs where the camera is moving. I’ve created snapshots and I still get an export like that attached, where it isn’t an image of the camera view but an image going far beyond the camera view.

The only way I’ve found to get around this is by exporting it using Export > Current Image … which means going through panel by panel.

Am I missing something really simple? Or is this just not a functionality of Storyboard Pro? If not, can it be added please?! This seems a major oversight!

In Harmony I export images as “Layout Image” which works great to export the frame that I want. One thing to have in mind is the default display, it might interfer with the frame you want to export, if you’re seeing (for example) display 2 and the default is display 1.
But don’t know if there’s a thing in Storyboard

Sadly the layout export in SBP produces the same result as the other export options. I don’t think it’s a display 1 or 2 issue as I haven’t come across that in SBP (though I have in After Effects). The issue seems to limited to panels where the camera rotates as part of a camera move - but still, having that limitation is very frustrating.