Exporting by PNG darkens my shadows

Hey, I’ve been having a fairly annoying issue that I haven’t really found a solution to in the forums.

Whenever I try to export as PNG (and png4) several of my darker colors become black or just way too dark and that’s not what I want at all.
The only effect I’m using is the Tone effect, so it could be because of that but I’m not too sure what to change if it is.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

(I’ve attached images below of how it looks in the program and then export )

Does it loot different also in render mode? (the blue icon in the lower bar of the Camera View)

Yeah, looks just like the exported version.

It means it’s not an export problem, you should check if you have effects and tweak their settings.

You could try opening your tone modules and bringing the intensity down to around 0.5.

Your render view is how the final image looks, test your nodes and effects here first before exporting an image sequence. As noted above, lower the opacity of the tone mode and then view in render mode to see how it looks before exporting.