Exporting bone animation takes 14 hours, any help?

I’m using toon boom studio to do animations for game use, so all exporting has to be done as transparent png files.

However exporting the bone animations is starting to look downright impossible for anything than the smallest sprites, once a sprite goes over 150 pixels in total height the time seems to be 6+ hours, 256 pixels high sprite about 14 hours. This is insane.

I guess the only blessing is toon boom isn’t slowing my computer down at all during this, as apparently it’s incapable of using more than one of the processer cores at a time. I guess the performance code is from the 90s?

I’ve tried setting the priority of toon boom process to high or realtime, but it doesn’t really change the fact that it’s really using that one core for all it’s got while all the others run idle… So no change in performance.

As a additional fun fact, opening the export options is also impossible for these animations, maybe the tab would open after waiting half an hour, but I haven’t been that patient yet.

Maybe bitmap images aren’t actually supported by toon boom, and I might just as well give up? I just have no idea what to do anymore, if I can’t find a fix I’ll need to find an alternate solution for production, but I have no idea where to even start looking. Any help?

Selecting “Image Sequence” for the Export Format allows you to select the specific bitmap format when clicking the “Options” button.

TBS is a 32-bit application and can therefore only access one of your system’s processors.

Not sure why your system is so slow, have you tried running spyware removal tools on your system lately?
Also not sure why you would not be able to access the options. Perhaps you could try re-installing the software

  • maybe something got damaged or moved.