exporting blur effect in swf file

i tried searching through the forum to find the answer but couldnt find the answer…i’ll admit it might be a problem with the user…but anyway…

i cant get the blur effect to export into the swf file…is it me or is there a trick to get this done?..

thanks for any help,


you can get the blurs into a .flv file, but a .swf can’t handle bitmap effects.
it may have changed in the animate2, but i actually doubt it.
try maybe a .mov export, it will work.

i’ve just checked the features, it should be possible to export effects into a .swf in animate2.

yeah it is supposed to work in animate 2…and the mov files work fine…and it works fine in the playback…but when i export the swf all the objects conected to the blur effect layer dissapear…i have checked settings and all and cant seem to find anything…i can export the files in pictures and reload and re export them and i have the effects but it becomes a very large file…

that is why i was wanting a swf file since they are smaller than the mov files…i’ll keep working on it…maybe i’l figure it out…and then again…maybe not!!!

i appreciate the help gester…have a good’n


Animate 2 should support the Blur effect in a swf file. It will not support the motion blur effect, however a regular blur effect should work just fine. When you do a Test SWF Movie, does the blur show up?

Could you attach a screenshot of what your scene looks like, please? Perhaps this will shed some light - there may be a connection that is not made properly. Just upload your screenshot to a free site like photobucket and paste the link here.

If we can’t debug what is happening through the screenshot, then you can send an email to support@toonboom.com and they will set up an ftp whereby you can upload your scene file so that we can take a look.

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