exporting as .swf?

hi guys,

I’ve got a question about exporting my movie as a .swf.
First of all, I really don’t have a problem actually exporting the movie, but when I play it back on my browser ,something strange happens. The movie comes up fine, it’s the right size and everything, but I noticed that I can actually drag the corner of the window (resizing it). Now that wouldn’t be a problem if the animation went along with it, but it stays the same size and you can actually see the other bits of animation (off cuts) sticking out beyond the desired camer frame (am I making sense? god, I hope so.). Anyway, has anyone else noticed this? Is there something I can do about it?

Hi rydelrydel,

This is a normal behavior with the Flash file format. Toon Boom Studio, just like Flash, doesn’t cut the elements outside the camera when exporting. If you don’t want peole to see these elements you need to embed your flash animation in a web page and put a fix size for your movie. When looking with the flash player you will allways see these elements as you change the aspect ratio of your movie while resizing the window.




There is also the option of “framing” your animation to overlay on top of the cut off (i.e. a black border).

I only have TB Pencil Check Pro at present and need to convert my animation/export it to a Flash .swf format so I can post it on a website, really on top of a window frame.

What do I need to do that? What are the steps?

Thanks so much for your help!

- TJ Bonzon