Exporting as EPS?

;DDoes anyone know how to export Animate files as EPS?
I am trying to draw in Animate then move to Illustrator to do print work.
Sure would be nice not to redraw everything in Illustrator.



For the moment this is currently not possible. You could export single frames of animation to swf and use some kind of converter to extract the vector artwork to make an EPS file (not sure where to find such a program but I’m pretty sure it exist).



I think there is a way you could create something of ready to print type process, but be warned it is long and intensive, and you would need lots of hard drive space for it. It would involve exporting to a movie, than in quicktime export out each frame, and than go thru the pics and see what comes of it. You would have tons of still images, but your best best is to recreate them in Illustrator because that is what you would end up doing. To make it even easier, you would probably have to have movies for each layer and than recreate in Illustrator in your layers. Photoshop would help in creating a dropplug, can’t remember the name to get rid of certain elements of your frames, but this takes some playing around with what areas you want and don’t want.
Hope this helps.