Exporting animation with transparent BG

Hey all,

I’m animating in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, and I’m struggling to export my animation without a background. I’m a very basic/new user, so I’m still learning my way around the program.

Is there a way to do something like export a PNG sequence with a transparent background? I’ve searched this topic before but I’ve only seen answers for other versions of the program, not this one.

Can someone give me a really step-by-step idiotproof explanation of how to do this? I don’t know anything about scripting.

Thanks in advance.

Use the the write module in network view and then edit the setting.

Then in the menu where you render, choose render network


I’ve tried to render a simply jumping ball, but the background is always black, using PNG4 and Render Network. I want to create objects in TBA Pro2 as overlay for my videos. Please help.


Now i have found the output, but this are single pics for every frame. Is there no way to generate an avi video with transparent background ? I want to use this in sony vegas for my video projects.


Exactly. Go to the Network View. Click on the little yellow options box on the left side of the Write module to open up the Write properties. Choose “PNG4” from the dropdown menu.

Now to export, do File > Export > Render Network, and it will use the Write module’s settings for the export.


You can export a Quicktime video with transparency. You can set up in the Movie options, then Settings, go to the codec, and under Compressor select Millions of Colours +