Exporting animation error

I try to export my animation but I keep getting an error. Here’s how I do it.

I go to file, I go to export and select movie. I export it to QuickTime. After it finishes, a message pops up and says:
QuickTime Server: E 20:01:27.597 QuickTime error: Memory full error ("-108")

I have QuickTime 7.7.6

What should I do?

I downloaded the latest version of TBH and it worked for me, thankfully. Hopefully that was helpful at all.


What is the resolution of your scene?

For more details, please zip entire saved scene and screenshot of the error message and upload to FTP or any web share and send it to support@toonboom.com for more details.

It is 4K UHD. Width: 3840 Height: 2160.


This might be too big to start with.
Could you try to export at half this size or maybe at just an HD resolution to see if your machine is capable to handle it?

I have the same problem. And I can export at 1/2 resolution.
How to solve it?

Can you send me the screenshot for the option you have set?
Also, have you tried to lower the resolution of the scene?
The Quick TIme API used is for 32 bit. So if the scene or the project is 4K res, exporting movie could be an issue at this moment
The workaround to export 4k res, for now, is to export them as sequence images and then creating them as a movie in any editing application.

was there ever a proper fix to this or are we just expected to create an image sequence each time we want to export 4K video on PC?