exporting and losing sound

i’m using snow l on a mac, and when i export in any format but swf i lose sound. i’m not sure what’s going on… with swf it’s fine, but i’m not sure how to convert that to a format ie mov, etc.

Well, I guess it’s a compatibility issue with Snow Leopard…?
Hopefully the Toon Boom Team will have a fix very soon…
It’s quite essential to have sound-scrubbing in the timeline for fine-tuning lip-sync…
And of course export sound with QuickTime…

Please check out the following link:




The sound related issue should be addressed in an upcoming patch. If you encounter any further difficulties with Snow Leopard make sure to report them as soon as possible as we are currently working on fixing those issues.

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Hi all -

as a followup I am also using leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.8)… I am having an issue where one portion of the audio will not play within the continual stream. No matter what i do, whether isolate that part into its own sound element or copy in and overlay that portion it will not play in any export fashion. It plays fine in the sound editor, but nowhere else. I have tried two different versions of the file and the problem persists… i could understand it if it were a standalone file, but to be within a continuous stream and only some 500 frames in length? any insights would be appreciated … I am using tb 4.5 thanks, dan


im having a much similar problem but its less complicated to explain
whenever i export a project i loose sound completley…it seems like its only FLASH format plays the sound but every other (quicktime, AVI, DV stream, youtube etc.) theres no sound at all…<br />
please help

Thank you

should i take it that this problem cannot be solved and i should buy a different animation software?

i have not gottn ant help in a month

You can contact support@toonboom.com with a sample project and information about your system and your build number.