Exporting and Importing from Harmony

Hi there,

I am currently freelancing at a company that is considering moving over to toon boom for a particular project, but we are wondering about the export implications if we need to transfer post processing into After Effects.

No matter how hard I look, there does not seem to be any information about getting scene cameras, BGs, chars and elements out of Harmony and into After Effects.

Can anyone let me know if they already have this sort of pipeline and how you use it? If you don’t, does this mean Harmony can accomplish almost everything that we might need to do?

Thanks hopefully in advance.


I haven’t found a straight forward way of doing this…

The only way I’ve found to do it is to author your camera moves in Storyboard Pro first and then export out an FBX to C4D or Maya. You can bring the camera into AE from there.

You also need to export from Storyboard Pro to Harmony so that you’re using the same camera.

Harmony needs camera export. Seems like if Storyboard Pro has FBX out, it should be something that can be added to Harmony.

If you can’t find a camera export script (and you may have to make your own or do without), you can render at 1.5 or 2 x your format size and just comp in AE for tricky compositing. By extending your shot in Harmony you can cover your cam. edges. The nice thing about Toonboom is the vector assets not getting huge, vs raster files.

Harmony will do a lot of compositing chores but is its own animal. For lots of external keys and garbage mattes; you will have more controls built into fewer modules using AE.