exporting and FPS

Harmony essentials. I used to use studio but its been years, Im a hobby animator obviously. When I preview export (the play button with a star) it opens at 24 FPS, but plays slow. I can bump it up to 40 FPS and it looks great. i could change the animation to have less frames between key frames and play it at 24 FPS and the animation will go the right speed but look like doodoo. Should I continue animating the way I am going and When I officially export it can I chose 40 FPS? what is the point of being able to adjust the FPS?

When you change the FPS on the timeline or on the Play interface with the rendered frames you just change the FPS of the video clip that you are playing. If you can actually see it at the chosen FPS will depend how your system deals with the weight of the scene. Even if you play a 24 FPS scene at 48 for instance, your scene is still 24 FPS. It will only change if you change scene settings. If you have problems seeing it in real time try exporting a Quicktime with lower resolution (720 or 360p instead of HD, for instance) or, similarly, setting View > Preview Resolution to 1/2, 1/3 of the scene resolution before making Render and Play.

Luis Canau