Exporting and colour Fading. Open GL glitch.

Howdy people

Having a couple of strange issues with Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 atm. When I export the movie as a video, the colours are all faded and different. Has anyone else experienced this? I thought perhaps it may be the settings so I have tried a number of different codecs and quality settings.

I have had this trouble before and my solution was to export it as an image sequence. But for some reason when I export the frames with real time anti aliasing enabled, it flips back to the original pixelated look half way through. Then when I open my project certain symbols and frames will disappear from my characters, even in the timeline… So my only option then is to reset the software and start it again. The missing symbols and frames will come back but they disappear as soon as I attempt the export again…

Ok rant over. If someone could help me fix either one of these problems I can get a properly rendered animation.

Thanks for your time.