Exporting an animation with hand drawn background

I’m using TBS 4.5. I usually make my animation with hand drawn background which a scanned to my computer. But when I export my video I find out that the animation is perfect sharp but the background looks a bit blurry. It’s really annoying because I really need it to be sharp too. When I open the JPEG/GIF image it’s ok - not blurry at all. Only after export (AVI, MOV all the same - maybe AVI is a bit better - I don’t know why.)
Any idea why this happens? Might that be wrong codecs?

Make sure that the resolution of your background matches the resolution (size) of the exported movie. This way it will not be resized and it should stay sharp.

Been having the same problem over here. backgrounds look awesome in snapshots, but export tries to blur them up for some reason. VERY frustrating. I can see the program needing to blur and smooth it’s own line work. But why does it do it to imported files as well??? The only thing that works so far is to export to HD, but be prepared, while the quality is exactly what your original artwork looked like, the memory usage is unbelievable. If you were doing this the old fashioned way with a camera setup, the camera would give back a detailed, focused shot. Yet software, which is supposed to make this process so much easier, only seems to muck up the picture quality. please let me know if and how you have solved this problem. :o

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Okay here’s the deal. Your .avi or .mov file is gonna look crappy and blurry until you play it on your TV. If you have created video for DV NSTC format, then you have to play it on hardware of the same. Your PC monitor is not nearly the same as your television.
Yes, TB is doing it’s job just fine. Just ignorant folks like me making a hard time for ourselves. Man, what a relief! ;D