Exporting alpha channel???

I’m trying to export movies with alpha channels. Would be happy to make it a quicktime file or even the option of a sequence of TGA files, which would be great, but it looks like Storyboard Pro 2 doesn’t support this very useful feature?! I see in the manual it even mentions how great it is that you can export Quicktime in Millions+ with an alpha channel, but SBpro doesn’t seem to take advantage of this? Some switch I’m missing?

So no alpha channel support in Storyboard Pro?

Should be able to export with alpha channel long as the selected codec supports it. In our workflow, we export MOVs using Avid DNxHD. We don’t need/use alpha so I select “None” in the export setting.-Johnny

Uh, well you can’t as far as I know. Would like confirmation of this please.

I checked with documentation and support and this feature is not available in Storyboard Pro. I asked documentation to review the document and make the necessary corrections.