Exporting all scenes into single video file


I am still learning Animate 2. As I have noticed, in Animate you should create a project for each single scene, which means that you will get a video file for each scene at the end.

Is there anyway, in Animate, to export all scenes in a single video file? Or I should use another software, video editor, to do so?


I think you will find that most people use an NLE such as iMovie, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, Quicktime Pro, etc., to assemble and edit their final productions. You have a lot more flexibility with editing and special effects and will be able to easily add foley and additional sounds.

A video editor is the way it was designed.

Thanks for you both.

I want to throw in Blender as a video editor that is free and very capable. It’s what I use.

Thanks cuddlyogre,
This is another good idea :slight_smile:
I know Blender, but I haven’t used it before. So Blender is able to combine QuickTime videos into a single one video.
I might give it a try.

Thanks again.

Do you know of any good tutorials for using it as a video editor?

Does it have the “screen” function?

I’m actually surprised that there isn’t a lot of up to date help out there when it comes to this topic but I imagine it hasn’t changed a lot. I was able to find this page:

TheRaider: I’m not sure what you mean by a “screen” function. I’m fairly new at the video editing game so I’m probably missing something. :confused:

I will look into it again. I was frustrated at not being able to find any tutorials at all. But I like the idea of using it.