Exporting a png with no white background in Studio 8.1?

I’m try to export my scenes as pngs with no background. I have export the frames as snapshots but can’t figure out how to change export settings so as to have no background


There are several ways to go about this in Animate and higher level TB software. As for PNG, transparency is available the as the PNG4 flavor of PNG which I don’t believe is an option in Studio. Try an experiment using one frame saving as a PSD file. Of all Studio options I think PSD is the only one with the alpha channel. I am relying on Studio 7.1 as my 8 trial expired. I have not tested this but I believe you will need an actual background Drawing Layer to turn off its visibility in the Timeline which will become the alpha layer when exported.

I tried exporting a scene as PNG image sequences with 2 different Export Settings with the following results:

  1. Export Settings = Default > solid background
  2. Export Settings = Custom > no background :slight_smile:

Good luck!