Exporting a high res image

I am using Harmony Advanced and I am trying to export a still image (TIF, JPEG, GIF, etc.) from my animation to be used as album art work on Spotify. However, the image produced is extremely pixelated and low res and Spotify keeps kicking it back because of the image quality. How can I export a high res still shot from my video?

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Spotify cover art needs to be:

  • TIFF, PNG, or JPG format using lossless encoding
  • The highest resolution available
  • At least 640px wide and tall
  • 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Encoded with an sRGB color space, 24bits per pixel, with color profiles applied directly

Don’t upscale images. We also don’t support embedded color profiles and orientation metadata.

I take it you animation was made for 1080HD (1920x1080)? Which is more than the 640px requirement but not 1:1. You would need to edit the image size(crop) for 1:1. sRGB is Harmonys default colour space
You are exporting the image (Frame) from you animation using: File > Export > Images using TIFF or PNG depth at 16bit and selected frame you want.