Exported movie won't export sounds that I adjust volume on.

I have the newest Harmony. This is my very first movie I’ve done and took me forever to figure out why certain sounds were not playing when exported, but I’ve got it narrowed down and even tested that if I adjust the volume on a sound and go to export the movie, the sound that I adjust the volume on will be left out. It works perfect when previewing the movie.

I’ve tried importing different types, AIFF and MP3 and I’ve tried exporting at the lowest quality and even played around with all the sound options and compressions when exporting. Nothing I do will keep the sounds in. Some sound effects that I have are just too loud or not loud enough and they need adjusted for my movie. Does anybody have any ideas what is going on? This is my first project.

Boy, am I glad I saw your post. I’m using the trial version of Harmony 12 Essentials and had the same problem. I could not figure out where the issue was coming from, you managed to pinpoint it though. I’d try adjusting the volume in a separate program before bringing it over. Audacity works well.