exported movie .mov file leaves stripes from lines

Exported movie in .mov from storyboard 1.5 service pack 1 version 8.6.1 leaves stripes coming from lines and letters. See screenshot.http://web.me.com/ivaar/Websted/nettBilder.htmlIt also seems that the link in the helpmeny -storyboard on the web: http://www.toonboom.com/products/prod_tracking.php?p=sbdp&s=web&v=1.5leads to a dead endHope for a good advice in the matter of export .movThanks for a good softwareIvar

The problem seems to have vanished.The export to mov. now function perfect as before theese last problems occured.Also the file with problems now export without stripes.The link to -storyboard on the web- from the helpmeny is still dead end.best regardsIvar

Thanks for the info on the link - it is possible that the link has changed since the release of Storyboard that you’re using. What version are you using? You can access this through Help > About. ~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi lillyVI have StoryBoard Pro 1.5 version 8.6.1(4709)Service Pack 1 (2009-04-21 15:59:38)Bought on 6.Oct 2009.It`s not really a problem with the “missing link” I have no problems finding ToonBomm on the net.Thanks for the replyIvar

I will report the link problem nonetheless.~LillyToon Boom Support