Exported movie has muted colors

When I export a movie it always has colors different than in TBS (8.1 for mac). The colors are muted, blacks not as deep, other colors also are a slightly lighter shade. I’ve tried avi and mov. With mov I’ve tried h264, mpeg-4, ProRes 422 (LT, HQ), no luck.

What seems to work is swf, but unfortunately my NLE doesn’t know how to import swf files, and it appears that most NLEs don’t handle swf files. So swf seems to generally require some little add on utility to convert it to mov or mp4.

I did find that exporting as sequence allowed my NLE to import the sequence and produce an mp4 with colors well preserved, but then the problem is how do I get the audio?

So…2 questions:

  1. Is there a movie export format that doesn’t mute the colors?
  2. If not is there a way to export the audio?


We’ll, I don’t export to QuickTime Movie, so can’t say which codec might work best ?
I use sound files in Toon Boom only as reference, never export with sound file.
Later, I export as Image Sequence, mostly PSD or PNG, and assemble with QuickTime 7.
Those movies and separate sound files are put together in Final Cut.
Have never seen any issues with colour or quality in final output.


I’ll try assembling with QuickTime, thanks.

Every codec I’ve tried has the same muted colors. I saw a post in the Animate forum where the answer from the Toon Boom folks was that the color shift was due to the codec. They recommended swf or image sequence which I found works in TBS. I use Sony Movie Studio 12 on Win and the generated movie does not have the color loss. Just kind of a pain getting all the files over to Windows.

Toon Boom: If you’re listening, I don’t think the color shift is an inevitable part of encoding, it’s a problem with your encoding. I’ve done a fair amount of video editing, transcoding, etc. and never seen any other product do this. The extra steps complicate the workflow unnecessarily.

Hmm…maybe it is the encoding on mac. When I used Quicktime 7 to assemble the sequences the color was still muted, but less than when I exported as mov from TBS. When I open up the individual sequence image files they look exactly as they do in TBS, and the same for export as swf - no color loss.

I think it may be time to get a new Windows computer, I’m really just using the mac because my current Windows machine is an old Core 2 duo that is too slow for TBS.

It’s definitely a mac thing, my apologies for casting aspersions on Toon Boom. I copied the project to Windows and exported as h264 .mov with no loss of color. Time to get a new Windows machine.

I must say that after using mac for 3+ years I’m very disappointed. Other than the nice smooth scrolling from the touchpad and the 16:10 aspect ratio screen, everything about Windows is better. And I hear the latest Win laptops have good touch scrolling.

Update: Shouldn’t have ragged on mac so hard, obviously was a bit frustrated. Time Machine is very nice, I like that. And the Win 8 desktop is not something I’m looking forward to at all.

In QuickTime 7 open the “A / V Controls” (command+k).
Adjust Brightness / Colour etc. to your liking.