Exported images look blurry Toon Boom Harmony 14

My animation is 385x213 pixels and the resolution is 1.800.
When exported as an image, the bitmaps looking fine but the cartoons drawn in toon boom come out blurry.
I’ve tried setting the anti aliasing to low but that makes it look pixelated. I need the image to be smooth and sharp the way it normally does. Please help!

Is there a reason why you are using odd numbers for the size of your animation? I just have always used even numbers like for example 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, etc. It is ordinarily even numbers. I think back in the day even numbers were always preferred and that when using compression for videos, even numbers were optimized for that. I know in Photoshop, After Effects you can run into issues with odd number dimensions. It might be the same way with Toon Boom.

Maybe someone else can chime in here with other ideas but try using an even numbered size like 384 x 212 and see if it comes out sharp. That might not be the issue but it is where I would start.

check your bitmap if its the same resolution that you are using on your animation. Like bitmap maybe 1920 x 1080. if that the case you animation drawing will be blurry because of resolution difference. The resolution of your animation is lower that the bitmap you just imported from your animation. so when you both render or export it the image will not be the same quality. also check the resolution you using when exporting the image maybe its not in the scene resolution. i hope this will help you.