Exported Display and Audio Desynchronized?

Hello, I’m learning to animate in toon boom, I’m trying to make a dance video with music as a background. So matching with the beat is quite crucial. I’m not that good, but I think I got it pretty decent.

But after I export it (to swf ro flv), it desynchronized a little. Either the display got too slow or the audio got little too fast, I don’t know, but at the end of movie the difference is almost 1 second.

My movie is 1400+ frames, is there any step that I must do before export (I already did the “Render and Play”. I don’t know what else to do.


There is a setting in the Audio portion of TBS that creates two different types of audio for your movie. I forget what they are as I am away from my main computer right now (streaming I think), but you are using the wrong one.

Pretty sure you go into the properties of your sound file and click on the checkbox for streaming or not…

One will simply load at the beginning and play at whatever speed it wants. That is the type you would use for the baground music that isn’t really matched up to anything.

The other loads as you go and stays tight with the animation. Pretty sure that is the setting you want.