export xsheet

I would like to knkow if there is a way or workaround to export the x-sheet (some/all layerrs) to a text file, excel file or similar. It would be tremendously helpful if I were able to print out my project like this or send it to other people working with different software on the same animation. Right now I have to screenshot everything and save the bitmaps which is rather clumsy workflow.

thanks & regards, h.

Kindly elaborate on what the information is that you are sending to the workers? Is it the drawings, timing…

What do they do with the information once received?
Do they also have the same version of Toon Boom Studio as you?


I’m interested in this information as well. I have people helping that don’t have Toon Boom, but do simple tweens with Flash and having a master x-sheet in Excel would be VERY helpful.


Did you mean to export and convert the x-sheet (some/all layerrs) to a text file, excel file or similar? If so, I can recommend this excel converter for rendering, converting and exporting the sinfle x-sheet or multiple x-sheets to excel document.