export Workspace

Hi! i already searched in the forum and google about it, but i didnt find anything.

how can i export externally my workspace of harmony, so, if i go to other pc, i can import my work easily. (or where i can find the file in windows)


Thanks rkriz!!! just perfect!

Your workspace is saved in:
C:\Users[yourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony\1100-layouts-xml

remember that the AppData folder is “hidden” so you need to show hidden files to navigate there.

When I export my work, the resulting file is the third of what I created in the timeline /
What do I need to export all my work?

Quand j’exporte mon travail, le fichier obtenu représente le 1/3 de ce que j’ai créé dans la timeline/
Que dois-je faire pour exporter tout mon travail?

make sure that you have the in and out markers in the timeline (the red ones) correctly.
or try with file - export - render network

I just had a motherboard crash but used an ICY DOCK to access my SATA hard drive, and its files, as the old computer is itself now dead to the world. It worked, even on the master system, C:\ drive. And there it was, just follow the path name. I’m running Storyboard Pro and on both my new and old(zombified) computers with their paths the same, so copy & paste and there it is, one click and its back to as it was set up before. Thanks.