Export without numbering?

Hi there,

when setting up the write module where I choose the file format, location etc. for the export, there’s also a drop down menu to choose between 1, 01, 001 etc. for the file name.
This numbering makes perfect sense for sequences.

But when exporting a single drawing, is there a way to disable the numbering?
I simply don’t need it there and it’s quite annoying to always rename the files from background_01.png to background.png for instance.

Sure, I could leave it that way but it’s weird having a number in it when there’s only one file anyway. And the background graphics in our game engine are already set up as is. I don’t want to change it.


Export as “ Layout Image” and name your file accordingly.


Sorry, haven’t checked the forums for days now.
Thanks for the reply.
The problem is that I need to render different parts of the drawing in different resolutions in different locations.

I have drawn a scene consisting of a background and a foreground image and I need them separated.
So foreground and background do belong together, but as two different files.
On top of that, I need them in three different resolutions, while each resolution has it’s own location.

Sounds complicated, but it isn’t (and that’s what makes the node view so damn helpful btw).
I’ve connected my drawings to several output and write modules, so everytime I hit the render button, everything is right in place.

So I have to stick to the node view but I guess there’s no other way than exporting with numbers.