export without black background

hello there, i have a problem. i’m new using Animete Pro and i like to know how can i export a movie or image sequence without the black background. Can anyone help me with that, please?

thanks for your help.

Hello Lilly,

Thanks a lot for your response, it works perfectly. Your explanation is quite clear and complete. Thanks again for your time.

Hey, I’m going through a problem with this, while the transparency thing works, I have a Peg with lots of layers and effects within it, and the stuff under that peg with all the effects and stuff refuse to be displayed.
I tried opening the picture with QuickTime then the stuff under the peg appeared but parts of the image( layer above the peg with all the effects) looks like I can see all the control points on it or something.

Every time I try opening the picture in a different picture manager it looks different…


This is the JPG image, it looks exactly how its suppose to.


Now here’s this same image in PNG4 format.


As you can see The background is transparent but the flames are gone and there is a strange outline around the text and man.

If the two images look exactly the same to you please let me know.

I choose Fille → Export → OpenGL Frames
Drawing Type: PSDDP4.
But when you open an image in Photoshop has a black background and an empty alpha channel.
What am I doing wrong?

have you tried tga format?

I have used that and haven’t run into any of those problems.

You aren’t exporting open gl frames are you? Cause they won’t show effects.

Na I haven’t tried Tga because it’s not popular in that it’s a format that can only be viewed in a limited range of programs, and also this is for commercial use , I don’t want to give the client a format they can’t view.

All I do is render the network into the formats in the pictures above.

At least give it a try :). You can convert in photoshop if it works.

I am really busy right now but you have me curious and I plan to do a few tests with different formats to see how much of a difference there is.

Yes Lilly that’s what I always do.

Raider I tried Tga but it has the black background, how do I get it to have the transparent background like the png?

The problem seems to be every time I edit the background, the change seems to affect the flames also despite them being on separate layers.

Ok, but how exactly do I email them with the address you gave me? through Hotmail?

Also When I click the address “support@toonboom”, some Microsoft outlook thing appears but I’m not really sure how to go about using it.

That is just internet explorer autofill.

just copy the address if you would rather use your hotmail account.

Thanks Raider, but I did send an email through Hotmail only to get one in return telling me that the one I sent had failed.

did you remember the .com "support@toonboom.com"

It is the main address so it shouldn’t fail.

yup, it fails every time.

Ok I think it worked now, thanks guys for bearing with me.

Sorry, but where is the Write node?

Sorry, but where is the Write node?

are you using pro? It is a pro only thing. It is a module in the network view.

Thank you. PNG4 and TGA4 with alpha. PSD4 does not save the alpha, but it does not matter.