Export Window

Hello, I recently purchased Harmony Essentials 14 and I tried test exporting a video only to see it still moving at 24 fps despite me wanting it at 12. I figured that I could go into the export options to see if it would help but I can’t open the options. The window is too small and I’ve tried multiple ways to try and get it to resize but it will not work. It is shrunk and I can’t read the words and I’m not sure if it’s a program issue but I cant find anyway to solve it.

I have TroubleShooted the problem and it says that the Media Settings program is incompatible when I made sure that this computer met standards, is there another pluggin or program I could install? I have a Windows 10 Asus Laptop that met all of the requirements for the program.

I would really like to have feed back on this quickly, Thank you.


Looks like something Support is going to have to help you with. There is something going on with how the hardware is responding to the software. That settings window needs to be larger. Am I correct believing you cannot even scroll inside it?




You should be able to resize the export window by dragging one of the corners.
If that doesn’t work turn of display scaling.

In any case you can’t change the export framerate here. The export is generally
done at the frame rate of the project and it ignores the frame rate setting in the
export window. So to get around this you need to (at least temporarily for the
export) change the frame rate of the project itself:
Menu-Scene-Scene Settings… Resolution tab

Be aware however that if you’re doing a movie export and you want the audio to
match that you need to re-import the audio files so that they are sampled at the
new project framerate. It may be simpler if you duplicate the project folder so that
you can keep one copy at the original frame rate and one that is changed to
12 fps.