Export trouble

I have exported many scenes to quicktime in the past with no problems, however now whenever I export a scene the quicktime file wont play staright away and when it does it’s missing a large portion of the frames. It plays the first couple of seconds then holds a frame even though sound still works, then at the end of the scene it will just jump to last frame.
I’ve never changed the settings so how can this be happening and how do I rectify?

Try exporting a part of the project, if it behaves properly then your graphic card may not have the resources to play the file properly. You can try to set the movie to “Hinted Streaming” for the streaming options. Rendering to a lower resolution would also help, as would closing other programs.

Generally it is best to keep the project length to one scene/shot so that you don’t create overly long projects that will exceed system resources. One approach might be to split the project into smaller parts and then stitch them together again in an editing program which is more optimized for doing such things. Adding some compression to the movie might also help.