Export to ToonBoom - audio issu

Hi,I’ve created a storyboard for a 24 minute animation. The audio file it contains is a 24 minute aif file (252 MB in size).I have used the “Export to toonboom” command so that the storyboard can be imported, by a colleague, into Harmony for trackread, x-sheets etc.However, the exported directory is a whopping 97GB.It has placed a complete copy of the sound file into every separate scene directory. That’s 364 copies of the the aif file.The size is unfeasible. How do I solve this?Many thanks!

Hi Lily,It’s SB Pro 2 version 9.1.0onMac OS 10.6.7thanks heapsK

It’s true that the export keeps the whole audio file. Generally when we work with audio, we are non-destructive, so that if an edit needed to be done inside Harmony the whole track could still be accessed.

The only way around this at the moment that I could see would be to export a movie. When you export a movie, it clips the audio to only that portion. Then you could import this movie into the Harmony file.

What version of Storyboard are you working with? Are you in 1.6 or 2.1?


One thing that you could try is under the movie option, there’s an export “One Movie Clip Per Scene” option. You could use this option to export your audio and import this audio into your Harmony scenes, deleting the original audio from the Export to Harmony option.

Hope this helps.