export to SWF

We are building a Rig, And Maybe we will need to export the animation in SWF or some poses on PDF-Vector.
The problem is that after we built all of our rig, we found out that some parts of our character are missing in SWF.
Talking with the Support guys, we discovered that one of the issues are “Double cutters”.

Is there a list of things that we can not put in the rig if we want to export as SWF?

Our rig is very complex, and it would be easier if I know what to look for to export it to SWF file. Or to just accept that it would be impossible to export a vector from our character.

The issue is that many special effects are not supported by the SWF format as it was last made public. If you absolutely must export to SWF then you will need to keep your characters and effects really simple.

Why specifically do you need to export the vectors? What would be done with the exported images and what is the final goal?