export to swf bug, wrong colors.

When I export a swf from animate some of the colored areas of my charachter are not right, it seems like some of them take on the color from the area next to them. Is this a known bug? Haven’t found any other posts relating to it.

I’m on a Mac Pro, btw.

Is there any effects there? Are the all in pencil line or brush? I never seen it before. Would be nice to see the example.

I’ve put up an example here:


Strangely enough the errors are not consistent. Every time I export this scene the areas are in different colors, but always colors that belong to the charachter.

The charachter has line for the black outline and brush for beard and stitches and so on.

Although it is not in the same frame, I believe it the result is different from the OpenGL view. Have you used any effects such as tone, highlight or cutter for example? If this is a case, it is true that any effects can not be delivered to SWF since it is vector-based while effects in Animate are in bitmap-based. Is there any special way you have used when it is created especially torso of the body with knife?

No effects are used. The drawing is made in Animate with the standard tools as explained. Only thing that might be slightly unusual is that inside the torso symbol, the line and the fill color is on seperate layers. Other than that everything is very simple and plain.

This is quite interesting. So no effects.

How this symbol was created? In Animate? Or imported from Flash?
Also, how did you separate the lines and fill colors?
Is there any way I could see the example or way to have same happening?

When I see your screenshot, it look like there is default painting with dark greenish color as a base and filled other colors near the neck and the belt on top that something the new color was somehow not showing as if the layer order was reversed or not showing it well in SWF. I assume that it works well by exporting it as movie or sequence of images.