Export to SWF and SWC

Does export to SWF give you bitmaps on every frame or can you still access the images as vector images?

Also, in Flash Professional you can publish to a SWF and SWC and then in ActionScript AS3 you can access named parts of the SWF from the code - i.e. MovieClips and Buttons (using export for ActionScript). Does the exported SWF from Animate Pro support this?


Hi John,

I don’t have the full specific but the behavior for the bitmap inside swf should be similar to the one in Flash.

Concerning the names of the layers they are not actually kept in the swf. This being said, be aware you could be using the TBSi to import your Toon Boom Studio project and keep the naming inside Flash. This app is only available for Studio.

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I now have Animate, which I think is great.
If you provide more integration with Flash I will get the pro version.

I would like to have a fully functioning FLA file export from Animate.