Export to Sprite Sheets

I am trying to export an animation to sprite sheets, multiple times using different palettes. So I will have the same animation, but want to export to sprite sheets one that has a red, shirt, then a green shirt and then a blue shirt, for example.

I have all the palettes set up in Harmony and the character will switch to the appropriate colors based on which palette is selected. But when I go to export it to sprite sheets, those colors do not show up in the sprite sheets. Instead it is the same original colors. Even when I only have one palette installed, it will still export as the original colors.

Why will the export not be based on the palette that is selected? What do I have to do to export multiple sprite sheets in the different color variations I need?


Hi Toonalooney,

Are you exporting as a separate piece spritesheet or as an Easel JS spritesheet?

Hi Genevieve,

Yes, Exporting to separate sprite sheet, not the Easel JS sprite sheet.


Okay! I’ve ran a few tests and am getting the same result. I get no problem in Easel JS but with the separate pieces, I always seem to be getting the same colours no matter what I do.

I’ve reported it as a bug to the dev team, and they’ll look into it.

Until then, I guess what you could do is create a duplicate of the shirt and turn it on or off depending on which you need.

Thanks for finding this!

was this ever resolved? I’m trying to use this in Harmony Premium 12.2 and the export to Sprite Sheet button does nothing.