export to pdf

Two questions:
Where does the pdf file get its name from?
Is there a way to create a layout profile that shows the timecode of every scene?

Hi aarfing

I think that at export, name of last export will show.
Just press the yellow file icon to the right of the filename and a dialoge box opens. Choose destination and write in name of the PDF.

Under the window with export alternatives you can press new or edit if you want to adjust/edit the look of your PDF.
There will be many options to choose among.
If you go to-Storyboard-Panel in the right column make sure to set cross for Display scene duration and Display panel duration if you want these to show on the export.
The typical timecode you will find in export to movie option, and not in the export to PDF.
I am working in TBSB Pro 1.5 but think version 2 is quite similar.
You will find lots of useful information in the video tutorials.


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Hmm I’m on a Macbook Air 13" and I’m able to view the export window properly. What’s your screen resolution? Mine’s 1440 x 900.

One trick that you can know is that with any of the dialogs that you can open, if you press Enter it’s going to accept the dialog (OK), and Esc will get you out of it (Cancel)