Export to PDF in another language Problem

Hello~ I’m a new user in Korea.I installed this trial version program(‘Toon Boom Storyboard’) in a last week.And try to make some storyboard and export to PDF file.but there is a problem.After I export to PDF file and check it.In PDF file, all letters in korean were broken → ???^& ??? .So, I refer to help. and find the solution about export to another language.In spite of reference, the letters in korean still broken.but in that case, the letters broken in korean.I needs storyboard in program for presentation.Plz help~

Hi First thing you need to do is installing Korean language package in Adobe reader if you are using English version. It normally prompts you to install the language after opening exported PDF, but you can manually install it to be sure.And during PDF export window, select ‘Edit Format’ button. And in new window, click the option in Font section (… button) in General tab. And in new window, select Encoding as ‘Korean (eucKR)’ and ‘Batang’ for the Font option.

After I read reply, I checked my program.Acrobat reader on my computer have korean language pack.and I already try to Encoding Korean and select font batang.Before I notify my problem, I tried to export to PDF in another language.Edit form and encoding language. Result is very good except Korean.

Hi Which version of Storyboard Pro are you using? You can check it from help>about for the version and the build number in bracket like 8.x.x (xxxx) where x in number.

Version is 8.5.0

I assume you are using 8.5.0 4490.If you go to your registered product site at [url=http://www.toonboom.com/members/membersProducts.php]http://www.toonboom.com/members/membersProducts.php, you can download the SP1 from download section. Try installing 1.5 SP1 (8.6.1 4709) and exporting it again in Korean.