Export to Movie not working

I have been able to export this file before but the client asked me to change the resolution to HD Standard from 1080 x 720 and now in the Export Movie menu the export button is inactive. See picture attached.

I have tried restarting the program to no avail.

Pleas help me resolve this.

Try removing the spaces from the file name and render path. Only use a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” for file and folder names - for anything to do with naming in the software in general.

I often have problems exporting ( not responding message ) the latest version is suppsed to be able to export .wmv instead of quicktime.mov files also…but I’ve tried rebooting / renaming the file…creating a new destination folder etc…but I’ve gotten “not responding” all day today. worked yesterday fine.

update to my last comment…I left the file untouched with the blank export movie window showing and went for lunch…I think after about 10 minutes it finally started rendering. I have a powerful computer and video card so for some reason SB Pro had to think hard on this particular render ( others usually run immediately )