export to image sequence doesn't work!

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I just bought Toon Boom Studio 3.5.1 for Max OS X. I’m drawing my animations directly in toonboom, but when i want to export to image sequence it doesn’t work! I want to animate the character in toonboom and then composite in after effects, and also do some retouche. I tried png, tif, psd an jpeg and they all come out as blank images. With png, i just get a completely transparent layer when i open it in photoshop, the character i drew is GONE. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Are you actually able to preview your animation by pressing Enter and Cntrl+Enter. If not you might want to install a newer version of Quicktime. Also, would it be possible to let us know which version of Mac OSX you have installed on your machine.

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Hi again, thanks for your reply! I’m using mac os 10.4 Tiger on an intel mac, and i am able to preview the animation and export as quicktime. i have quicktime 7… something installed, the latest version for mac. the only thing that doesn’t work is exporting to an image sequence, and i have to be able to do that!

once when i tried to open an exported png (that looked empty) in photoshop i got some message about that it was a quicktime image or something? but i haven’t gotten that message again (i don’t know if i clicked “don’t show this again” by mistake) so i don’t remember exactly what it said… please help and thanks again!

Edit: just realised that it works to export as jpeg, i missed that. So i think my problem has something to do with the alpha channel, still doesn’t work to export to png or psd. The jpeg also comes out very compressed, and there are no options for compression in toonboom.


hi again!

i’m feeling a bit stupid now, just need to tell you all that i missed the png options dialog box, when i set it to millions of colors+ it worked like a charm! after completely reinstalling quicktime and almost going nuts…