export to harmony/animate

Thinking of acquiring pencil check, but would need to be able to eport the results to Harmony or Animate for final clean up and colouriong etc (for a specific client). Can I do this if I have created the animation by drawing directly by way of my Cintiq?
Can I also import live action footage, and draw my animation against it to match it?
And finally, can I import work from Storyboard Pro into it?

You can draw directly in the software. When you create a file in Pencil Check, there is also a .digital file created, and this file can be opened in Animate or Harmony to continue woking there. You need to send the whole project folder for the drawings to come with it.

You can import individual images, but not a movie.

You cannot import directly from SB Pro. From SB Pro you could export images, and import those images into PCP.