export to flashplayer

With Studio Express V2.5, when I export to flashplayer and launch the player, everything plays fine and is in synchronization but when I open the same file in Internet Explorer the camera size is incorrect and the lip and audio sync is out of whack. With Quick time, the sequences are stable but the file is 20meg for 50 seconds. Since express is limited, I’ve drawn everything a frame at a time but I don’t know how to fix this discrepancy. Changing the frame rate is too drastic and exasperates the problem further. I’m using four frames per sec. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, Steve

Hi…well about the camera size in IE, i dont know, but about the sound…i posted about this the other day and this is the response from mathieu:

Hi Guys,

When adding a sound file, open the edit sound dialog box and check the streamed button under the 7 default faces.

This will ensure that the sound stream will follow the video stream even if the video plays at a lower frame rate.

You will get better results on long swf files.

If this checkbox is not checked, the software will simply add a play event for the sound at the proper frame.



So, there you go :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi sdell1,

About the size problem, Internet Explorer will resize the swf to fit the window so if the ratio of your ie window is not the same then the camera’s, you will see object normaly outside of the camera.

This is a normal behavior with flash files.