export to DNXhd

Hello-I’m exporting storyboard footage from SBP to the avid codec DNXhd36 and getting illegal video levels when I import into an avid project - I’m keeping everything at 709, is there a better option?

Are you able to open your Quicktime movie in Quicktime?When you import into Avid, what are the settings that you select?When you say “illegal video levels”, is this just a warning that your whites are too white and your blacks are too black? Do you have a screenshot of this error? If so, you can reply to the thread and upload your screenshot to a free site like photobucket, then post a link to the image here.If all else fails, you can send your scene to support@toonboom.com and we can take a look.~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks for your reply.yes, the movies play fine in QT player, and in the avid as well. the problem has not produced an error message, but when we noticed how bright the new scenes were in relation to previously imported scenes, we looked at the scope and discovered that video levels were over roughly 110 ire. it seems as though it’s exporting at RGB levels instead of 709, even though 709 is selected.

We will investigate this issue further on our end.~LillyToon Boom Support