Export to Animate "Original Scene" not working

I’m trying Storyboard Pro and when I export to Animate, it’s all fuzzy and out of focus. The only option it gives me is to export a rendered version.

Can Storyboard export vector graphics to Animate? It seems it should, since all the tools (brush, etc) work the same way in both programs. But why is the “Original Scene” option grayed out? Is this a limitation of the trial version?

Anyone have an idea?

Are you using Storyboard Pro 3D? If there is 3D content, then Animate and Animate Pro will not understand the 3D data, so that might grey it out.

Otherwise, you should be able to export Original Scene to Animate / Animate Pro. What version of Storyboard Pro are you using? You can read out the full product number in Help > About. Should be something like 9.1.5. 7268