export to alpha mode

hi all -

I know i was able to accomplish this task and i know i had notes on how to export a movie or a swf from toonboom in alpha mode but for the life of me i can’t find them … anyway, I need to get rid of the white background when i export out a swf file … I thought it was something i had to do during the export phase, but I just can’t remember … would appreciate it if someone could refresh my memory … thanks, dan

I believe you are looking for the “millions of colors +” option for your export. -JK

Hi Jk -

I thought that was what I needed to do but cannot find the right compression value to go along with the millions of colors option that will create the alpha output. Was there a particular one that was best for the alpha export? Was there anything else I needed to do besides selecting the millions of colors? I ask this because I chose ‘animation’ as the compression value which gave me the millions of colors option … what i did then was bring the file into macromedia dreamweaver, but still the white background was there … do you know if dreamweaver will not recognize the alpha or am i doing something wrong in creating the alpha itself? thanks for your help … dan

You should direct this question to Ugo. I’m not the best person for discussing exports and settings. -JK

Hi Jk -

No problem - I fully understand and definitely appreciate your jumping in and giving me a hand … do you know the proper way to forward this to ugo? thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

In theory if you had the Millions of Colors+ option settings checked there is no need to add anything else. This being said what is the end result you are looking for. Be aware that a Quicktime movie will always be played in a Quicktime player (whether it will be played on your local machine or on the web) and the player itself will have a background color so there is no way to have that video above an image element in a page.

Anyway more informations about the purpose of the export would be needed to define what would be the best course of action to take.



I’ve been searching long and hard for the answer to this question,…can someone please walk through the steps of how to export animation from Toon Boom into After Effects?

I’m just learning both softwares and I have a project that requires both TB and AE but I’m stuck trying to figure this one out. I would appreciate it if someone could walk me through the steps.

Thanks All!

(Just to clarify,…I am looking specifically to export to AE from TBS with an Alpha Channel. I want to layer my animation over specific video as part of my project)

My question is the same as gembo4. I’m using Sony Vegas Pro to edit my video. My main video is shot against a Blue/Green screen. When editing the video
I add the actual background I want for the scene and a logo, but then how can I add my ToonBoom animation to interact with my video subject. What export setting would
be best to use to make the backgorund transparent WITH sound. I tried the swf format and it works for the video, but no sound…tnx ;D

Well, I use Final Cut Express for my compositing…,
but I presume the same principal applies to any compositing/editing software…

As Ugo already mentioned you have to export your QuickTime Movie with an Alpha Channel applied…

In Toon Boom Studio make sure that your background is free and not covered with
any Element…

Export your Movie as Quicktime and choose either “Animation” or “PNG” from the
Compression Type…

Make sure that you set the Compressor Depth to “Millions of Colours+”

Import those QuickTime Movies into your Compositing or Editing Software…
and layer them over any footage you please… the background will always be transparent.

If you have exported your Animation with- or shot any footage before- a “Blue or Green Background”… you have to use a “Croma Keyer”- or “Blue and Green Screen”- Filter
to create an an Alpha Channel from the blue or green background…
Those Filters are provided with your Compositing Software.