export to a 23.98 fps?

Hi, I’ve been searching the forums and haven’t quite found my answer yet, so here goes … I’m doing animation for a documentary which is being put together in final cut pro. They need me to export my animation at 23.98 fps, as opposed to 24 fps. I changed my export settings to 23.98, but when I open the exported file it still reads at 24 fps in the movie inspector in quicktime.

I worked around it by breaking my sound, sound efx and video in toon boom, and rebuilt the scene in a FCP project built at 23.98 fps, and then exported individual video and audio tracks again from there, but it would be nice to not do that.

Is there a way I can work in toon boom at 23.98?

Even if there was, you should never ever do an animation project in such a horrible frame rate. NEVER! It’s difficult to count, to sync, to get a rhythm because eventually your beat will be between the frames. Terrible!
Doing it on 24 fps and then putting it together with an editing software (adding the final sound there) and converting it to 23.98 when the time of exporting has come is the professional way to do it. Keep your project in the biggest resolution in square pixels with a nice frame rate with no interlacing for as long as possible!
Read more about encoding animation on AnimatorIsland http://www.animatorisland.com/?p=889

We don’t export to anything but whole numbers. If you export your project to 24, when you import it into an editing software that’s set to 23.98, it should do an automatic conversion for you.